Reawakened dreams

Since I was about 24, I’ve wanted to live on a homestead. It’s been dream for nearly half my life, and one that’s been out of reach for most of it. I’ve tried to make my home a bit more “homestead-y” wherever I’ve lived, but I’ve never actually had much land to do anything with. Still, I was undeterred and tried to grow some of my own veggies and actually use the land a bit. But it never worked out because there wasn’t much to be done with a patch of grass.

That is likely changing soon.

We’ve made the decision to move from our cute little 98-year-old home on quarter of an acre in town. We moved in at the end of October 2015, and she’s been a good little house, but we are tired of so many things about living in town. We’re looking for a place with at least two acres, but my desire is to have 4-6. I grew up on nearly six acres, and I would love to get back to having that much space around me. (To be completely honest, I want a house tucked back into the woods. I’d like about a 1/2 to an acre of grassy area, and the rest should be tall, quiet evergreens.)

Tomorrow, we meet with our mortgage company to discuss pre-approval and next steps. We’ve narrowed our desired area to live, and I’m thrilled because it’s pretty darn remote. Sure, it’s still accessible and reasonably close to a decently large town (specifically, the town where I get the majority of my rheumatological care), but it’s a drive to get there.

The idea of selling this house and buying a new one is both daunting and thrilling. We have so much stuff, and I will want to get rid of some of (or a lot of) it. But to live somewhere devoid of noisy neighbors and traffic, and to not have houses so close to us? Nothing short of serene!

I’m a country girl who is ready to move to the wilderness! Stay tuned!

Our little house during the Puget Sound-area snowstorm of February 2019.


2 thoughts on “Reawakened dreams

  1. Good luck finding your perfect homestead property! Hubby and I were actively looking for a home and land for a little homestead several years ago. Sadly, hubby developed some back problems that grew worse. Knowing that he would not be able to do much physical labor meant our homestead dream had to be packed away. I’ll live vicariously thru your homestead adventure.

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