Taking it one day at a time

I hope everyone is well out there in the pandem-osphere. Life here is…. Well…

I already worked remotely full time, and I have for several years, so nothing has really changed on the surface. Except I’m distracted. And worried. And tired a lot. And restless to the point of irritation. I’m so tired of these same four walls.

I’m in a high-risk health category, so I haven’t ventured out much lately.  And even if I did, there would be nowhere to go other than grocery stores and restaurants offering take-out. We have gone out to our campsite multiple times, where we have recently had some really incredible updates to our place, which I will post about soon.

Two days ago, we all went out to give our dog, Roxie, a chance to go for a long walk. I could tell she was struggling during the walk, and when it was time to go into the trailer at the end of her time outside, she collapsed onto the steps, then collapsed onto the ground, and couldn’t move for ten minutes. She was eventually able to move, but it took a while for her to recover. I called the yesterday and went a few hours later to pick her up some pain medicine. We think, due to her age and size, that she has pretty serious arthritis.

So, I’m worried about Roxie, and then yesterday my mom came down with a cough, headache, and a fever. She’s been monitoring it closely and appears to be better today, but my sleep was fretful last night because I was worried about her. She, too, is high-risk.

The light in the darkness of this world, for me, was that my synagogue broadcasted Kabbalat Shabbat service last night via Facebook Live. I was able to come together with my Jewish community, and there were more than 100 people viewing, which is double what we have in attendance on a normal Friday evening. I’m thrilled that they’re finally broadcasting and was even happier when Rabbi stated that they will continue to do this, even after things return to “normal.” I’m often exhausted on Friday night and unable to go to services because I’m in bed by 9pm, so the prospect of watching the service online each Friday gives me so much peace. Praying with my community and clergy last night did wonders for my spirit. I was desperate for something to soothe my worry, and that broadcast was key.

So, things continue to move on here in our house. We’re watching a lot of shows from the 60s-90s, I’m listening to a lot of old-time radio shows, and working around the house. Cleaning. Organizing. Trying to make sense of this world right now while still endeavoring to be a productive member of society. All while social distancing, of course.

I hope you and yours, dear reader, are well, too, wherever you are.




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