Fresh greens during quarantine

I’m avoiding going to stores. Given I’ve got an auto-immune disorder, I’m diabetic, and I’m on several medicines that reduce my immune system to barely anything, the thought of going into stores right now makes me itchy. Thanks to my food storage and weekly porch deliveries from Smith Brothers Farms, I don’t have to go to the store very often. But the one thing we often need is fresh greens. I use a lot of kale in soups, we eat salads, and fresh spinach is always great to have on hand. Avoiding stores means that when we run out, it’s not easy to get more. Thanks to Chelsea from the Little Mountain Ranch YouTube channel, I have found a solution that is working wonderfully.

Through Chelsea’s great videos, I have been introduced to sprouting seeds. Sure, I knew about bean sprouts, especially since my husband is a Chinese food fiend and there is often bean sprouts in that. She showed in a few videos how she sprouts the different types of seeds she uses, of which she ordered from a Canadian company called Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds.

Before I was willing to commit to sprouting my own sprouts, I tried some alfalfa and clover sprouts that I got in a grocery delivery. I was HOOKED. They were delicious, tender, and went great in salads.

Alfalfa and clover sprouts – store-bought and delicious!

After that, I made my first Mumm’s order! I ordered four kinds:

Alfalfa, Ancient Eastern Grains, Broccoli Raab, and Green Pea sprouting seeds.

I’ve now made two batches of the Ancient Eastern Grains (which includes XXXXX), and we absolutely love them. Everything I read about sprouts touts their nutrient density and ease of growing. I have a black thumb (I’m presently watching my aloe vera plant die because I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it), and even I can grow sprouts. From the time I soak them to the time I harvest is four days, at most. Here are a few photos of the grains as sprouting is underway:








And here they are, all done, drained, and ready to eat.


I am now completely sold on sprouting. If this intrigues you, I highly recommend you give it a try!


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