I’m so behind! (A foray into television talk)

Ever since I started working the night shift, I cannot stay caught up with TV shows.  That’s honestly okay since I’ve never been a TV addict.  I’ve never been one to spend hours and hours in front of a TV each week with tons of shows to watch, but I did have a few shows that I enjoyed. Due to my schedule, I’ve abandoned almost all of them in favor of books, which don’t air at a specific time and don’t require a weekly investment in order to see the conclusion of a story.  But… I do love some shows and I need to get caught up, at least on these:

  • Supernatural – Dean Winchester is the love of my life.  He just is. I have a few episodes left of this last season to watch.  Frankly, I’ve been putting them off because I’m not a Castiel fan and he’s apparently back, yet again.  (Not looking forward to this coming season, either, since he’s a regular.)  But Jensen Ackles is just…. grrrrrrowl. I just wish they’d get back to the earlier seasons, before all the Heaven & Hell mess and the Leviathans and all that.  I want them to get back to being two brothers cruising across America in the ’67 Impala while they save people and hunt things.  The first few seasons of that show were incredibly entertaining.  Jensen/Dean is what keeps me coming back now.
  • Sons of Anarchy – if I were to cheat on Dean Winchester, it would be with Jax Teller.  From the very first episode, I suddenly understood why this show has such a huge female following.  The first time I watched Jax Teller call a woman “darlin'” before he climbed onto his Harley and roared off, I was hooked.  It’s basically The Sopranos on bikes, but the show is incredibly well done and continues to get better each season.  Kurt Sutter is a genius in his ability to write outlaw bikers in a way to make the viewer truly care about them. The supporting cast is incredible, with Mark Boone Junior’s Bobby and Theo Rossi’s Juice being my most favorite Teller subordinates. Plus Ron Perlman’s Clay is so deliciously evil.  The last episode I saw was the one after Opie died, and frankly, my heart still hasn’t healed from the loss.  I can only imagine how Jax coped the rest of the season.  I must find out!
  • Vikings – And then there’s Ragnar Lothbrok, who was reincarnated into Jax Teller in a later life.  (Seriously, Charlie Hunnam and Travis Fimmel could be brothers.  They both have that badass swagger down to a fine science.)  I love history shows and the scenery in this show is breathtaking.  Plus, it’s refreshing to watch something on History that doesn’t have to do with ancient aliens for once!
  • Arrow – I’ve only seen a few episodes of this but my Tumblr dash has caused me to already have an OTP in Oliver and Felicity. And I love vigilante superheroes!
  • Hart of Dixie – Okay, I abandoned this show at the end of the first season.  For one, Rachel Bilson is amongst the worst actresses in Hollywood. Every single episode gave me incredible secondhand embarrassment at her expense.  Her career is 10000% proof that a pretty face will get you far in Hollywood.  BUT, and it’s a big one, I love the supporting cast of this show.  Wilson Bethel’s Wade, Jamie King’s Lemon, and Cress Williams’ Lavon are the very best parts of this show.  Frankly, they are why it’s still on the air.  (And I totally ship Lavon/Lemon.) Their banter is hilarious, and it totally allows me to look past wooden Ms. Bilson whenever she’s fumbling on screen like an elephant in a flower shop.

So that’s it… that’s what I need to get caught up on. (There’s never more proof that I have a bad boy fetish than in my TV viewing choices!) My only problem is finding the time, when I still have so many books to read.  And frankly, books will always win over television. (Except for where bad boys are concerned!)


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