A tale of a girl and her car

Once upon a time, in a magical land called Madison, there lived a young girl. Her name was Rachel, and she was a determined, self-reliant girl, even as a child.  When she was 18 years old, she worked as a night auditor at a Holiday Inn Express.  Each and every night, after she’d processed her paperwork and had some free time, she’d wander into the pool room and stare out the glass windows at the Ford dealership that sat right behind the hotel.  There, right beneath the powerful spotlights, was a row of four shiny, brand new 1997 Mustangs.  Rachel had her eye on the silver one. It shimmered in the glaring lights, its sleek curves calling to her like the lilting melody of a siren’s song.

For weeks, she stared at that car until it haunted her.  It made her want something in a way she’d never wanted before.  So she took it for a test drive and fell in love.  The power she felt as she zoomed down that country highway was exhilarating.  She knew she had to have it.

But Rachel had a small problem.   You see, she was still really just a kid and her father made all financial decisions for her.  And the Mustang?  He said, “No. Absolutely not.”  Rachel begged and pleaded but all she got was a resounding “No!”

So she cried.  She’d stand at the window at night and look at that gorgeous car and cry.  And then one day, it wasn’t there to look at any more.  With a heavy heart, Rachel accepted her fate.  She tucked the Mustang deep inside her heart and, even though it hurt, moved on.

Fast forward through the next 18 years.  Rachel drove a Cavalier, an Alero, a Spectra, and finally found happiness with her HHR.  But still, whenever she’d pass a Mustang on the highway, she’d feel a little pinch in her heart, right in that little spot reserved for that 1997 silver Mustang.

And then, in a whirlwind, she and her husband decided that it was time.  She’d worked heard; she’d earned the right.  She couldn’t buy a brand new one, no, but a used Mustang?  It could be hers.

And so now… it is.

I GOT MY MUSTANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005 Ford Mustang

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6 thoughts on “A tale of a girl and her car

  1. YAY!! Gotta love a Mustang 🙂 Still have my 1992 Thunderbird SC. It’s parked waiting for some restoration work, that, and my hubby doesn’t like it so much when I drive it – too many speeding tickets! I sure wouldn’t mind a newer Mustang, though!

    • LOL so funny story. My Mustang? Won’t start tonight. They tried to jump it but the battery is apparently fine. It’s apparently the connection between between the battery and the engine. So I have to have my new-to-me car towed in the morning so I can get it looked at. I expected to put money into it because it’s an older car (2005) and it needs some TLC, but… Wow…. so soon? I’m telling you – bad luck follows me wherever I go!

  2. I’m so sad to hear that you had to give up your mustang. I was reading your post through GirlGab and I was thinking, this can’t be that mustang that I saw on GirlGab a few years ago when she was so excited to purchase it, could it???

    A little Googling and now I find that I was right. Love your new Fiat though!

    • LOL I know. I’m woefully depressed about it. I LOVE that Mustang. I always will. I literally feel like I gave up a child. Being an adult and having to make responsible choices is just THE WORST thing ever!!!!! But yeah, the FIAT rocks. I love that little car, and I feel much more confident navigating through this sea of idiot drivers.

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