2012 or 1942?

As a writer, my biggest dilemma is almost always the same:  do I write in the contemporary setting or do I place the story in the 1940s?  The fact is, I am obsessed with the World War II era.  I can’t help it.  Every single time I start working on a contemporary piece, I get distracted by something from the 40s era and am drawn back to that time period.  The reason my goal is to write contemporary is simple: contemporary fiction (romantic or otherwise) is often easier to get published than historical fiction.  It simply has broader appeal.  Not everyone likes historical fiction (although I cannot fathom why.)  The problem I encounter, though, is that my heart and soul belongs to a bygone era.  So do I take the easier route and write in the modern era or do I write what I feeds my soul and work a lot harder to find acceptance in the publishing world?  It’s not an easy question to answer.


I’ve written and posted two short stories that take place during World War II.


One thought on “2012 or 1942?

  1. I really believe that, what I’ve told you, starting with contemporary gets your name out to a bigger audience. But I would like to amend that statement to say, the really important thing is happiness and if you’re happier in genre then you only need to care about the audience that cares about genre. More importantly – I would say what matters most is you….DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?

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