My happy place…

I found this picture online and have no idea who to credit for it, but it’s my current “happy place.”  Mainly because one of the stories I’m working on involves a (restored) Airstream in the Cascade Mountains and this picture just fits so perfectly.  But I also love it because, seriously, who wouldn’t love a little quiet time inside this small camper? Cuddled beneath a patchwork quilt (that I made myself), wrapped around a squishy feather pillow, listening to the rain as it pings off the outer skin?  Sheer Heaven.


Note:  I’ve since learned that this beautiful picture belongs to these lucky people!


2 thoughts on “My happy place…

    • Oh my goodness, that’s your photo?? It is spectacular and is absolutely my “happy place” right now! Thanks for contacting me so that I can credit you!!!!

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