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Update! Gardening! Farming! We have a name!

We moved in seven weeks ago today, and I can honestly say that life has changed drastically since then. We were overwhelmed new homeowners on an unfamiliar piece of property with no plans to utilize the greenhouse. Now, though, we are making large, grand plans for our future gardening/farming operation, as well as the addition of a new barn/loafing shed.

We have gone super-small this year since we obviously got started late, so we have two types of peppers, two types of cabbage, lettuce, spinach, fennel, broccoli, tomatoes, and several types of herbs growing in our greenhouse, in addition to our 12-bush blueberry crop that has what appears to be roughly 7,230,437 blueberries growing at the moment.

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It’s beginning to feel like home!

It’s been three weeks since we moved and we’re finally, FINALLY getting this place unpacked.  I’m on call this weekend, but things have been relatively quiet at work (I’ve checked my email about 10 bajillion times).  I decided that today would be the day I’d finally get the last 10 boxes in my dining room unpacked.  We ended up throwing away a lot of stuff because we went from a full sized, eat-in kitchen at our old house to a galley-style kitchen in our townhouse.  There just isn’t room for all the junk we had.  So we downsized, and I have to admit that it feels nice to do that!  I also rooted through box after box tonight looking for  these:

A few years ago, my mom found these dishes on FreeCycle and snagged them for me because they were clearly vintage.  They have “Syracuse China USA” printed on the back, so I started to do a little (well, a lot of) research.  As it turns out, Syracuse China made dishes for the restaurant industry.  These particular ones are in a pattern called Millbrook and they’re from 1938!!!  I’ve had them in boxes for a long time but at long last, I have a place to display them so out they came today.  I always picture them being used in my WWII-era novel, when Lila goes to help out at her aunt’s diner.  I can practically hear the sound of the utensils scraping against the plates as the patrons eat, talk amongst themselves, and listen to the radio that Aunt Beth constantly had on in order to catch the latest war news.  *sigh*  I need to get back to writing!

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On the nighshift

Gonna be some sweet sounds
Coming down on the nightshift
I bet you’re singing proud
Oh I bet you’ll pull a crowd
Gonna be a long night
It’s gonna be all right
On the nightshift
Oh you found another home
I know you’re not alone
On the nightshift – (The Commodores – 1985)

Working the nightshift is unique. When I’m work, it doesn’t feel quite like work.  Yeah, I’m walking around our 1M sq. ft. facility, helping employees, answering questions, and dealing with things that come up, but it still feels different from any other job in the Human Resources field that I’ve ever had.  I attribute that to the hours and the fact that I’m not reporting to some psycho CEO anymore.  Things just feel more relaxed when it’s 11:30 at night.  Sure, there are still 400 people in the building and millions of customers clicking “Buy” on our website every second, but it all just feels more relaxed and unhurried than during the day.  Then when I head home, I’m the only one out on the road.  There are no long lines of traffic, no break lights to contend with – it’s just me, my HHR, and the open road (well, if you don’t count the dozens of stoplights).  It gives me time to think, contemplate, listen to the nuts calling in on Coast to Coast AM if I so choose (the Hopi Indians are apparently alien worshippers or something, according to last night’s show), or spend time listening to the old time radio shows saved on my iPhone.  I go to bed when the sun comes up and eat breakfast at 1pm.  Basically, my life is completely different than it was five weeks ago.  I don’t even live in the same place anymore.  Honestly, I’m left feeling a little bit adrift – a home that’s unfamiliar, a job I’m still learning.  Still, there are things to look forward to, like my business trip to Seattle in January (and another on in April.)  I’m finding that my focus is naturally shifting on where it needs to be.  My writing muse is coming back.  I’m anticipating the holiday season, even though I know I’m working mandatory 50 and 60 hours a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas (thanks, online shoppers!) I’m actually excited about things again.  It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way.

As I re-read this entry, I realize that I have no point to my thoughts.  They’re all over the place, mixed in with song lyrics.  I probably better go to bed.  After all, the sun is about to come up soon, which is my cue to be asleep!

(I swear, future entries will make more sense.)

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my life got flipped, turned upside down…

I’ve been really neglectful of this blog lately but I can’t help it.  I recently (in the last few weeks) started a new job.  I’m in a leadership role within the operations side of a very large online retailer (you can probably guess which one) and I had to go out of state for orientation, then train on the floor to learn what the associates experience each day.  Now I’m finally beginning to train in my actual role, but when I get home from work, I’m exhausted.  Add to that the fact that we’re moving on Saturday morning and you can see that… well… everything has had to take a backseat.  That being said, I spoiled myself last Friday and bought a new MacBook Pro.  Suddenly, my long-dead writing muse decided to show up again.  (I personally think my muse is a Macwhore.  In the 14 months I didn’t have one, I barely wrote.  Buy a new Mac and BAM – INSPIRATION!)  So now I’m trying to sneak in snippets of writing time, even though all I feel like doing is collapsing into my bed.  Speaking of which, I’m about to do that now…

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Just an update…

I haven’t been around to blog much, but in my defense, it’s because life has suddenly gone topsy-turvy.  About three weeks ago, I was doing a job search for my husband and ended up applying for a job in my own field that looked pretty fantastic.  It’s for one of the “top ten” companies in the US and I figured I didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting it… but… well… in 12, I start my new job!!!!  It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, it’s a serious (serious SERIOUS) pay increase, and it’s coming at the perfect time.  We also just got approved to move into a townhouse we’ve been lusting over for months, so just two weeks after I get back from orientation and leadership training in Arizona, we’re packing up and leaving this dumpy little house we’ve been renting for the past 4+ years.

Needless to say, I’m kind of overwhelmed right now.  I can’t focus on writing or much of anything, really.  My head is swimming!  I hope to get back on track, but I know it’ll take a while.  Right now, I’m just excited (and nervous) for what’s to come!