About me

A half-life

I think that if I was granted a wish, it would be that, for just one day, I could feel normal.  To wake up gradually, easing myself into consciousness.  Once I was wide awake, I’d be able to roll out of bed, maybe have a cup of tea, and relax.  I’d think about what faced me in the day ahead, but that’s all they would be – simple thoughts.  They wouldn’t bombard me from the second I wake up.  My chest wouldn’t burn. My heart wouldn’t pound.  I wouldn’t gasp for air, the bile at the back of my throat scalding me.  My mind wouldn’t race with uncontrolled worries about what I was facing that day with work, with my family, or any other minor aspect of my life.

I have a mental illness.  It’s not something I talk about very often, but it’s with me every second of the day.  Continue reading “A half-life”