Family · The big move

And with that, everything changes!

Friday morning at 5:40am, I returned home from Seattle, where I’d gone for an interview for an internal transfer within the very large company for which I work.  Friday evening at 5:25pm, I got the call notifying me that I’d done very well on my interviews and would be receiving a job offer.  So with that, I’m happy to report that WE’RE MOVING TO SEATTLE!!!!!!

I’ve only just arrived home from work (I was on my way in when I got the call), so it really hasn’t sunk in yet.  The one thing I know without a doubt is that God answers prayers, sometimes in a big way!  There is so much to do and plan and prepare for in the next few weeks!  My blog is about to take a major shift because our lives as we know it are starting fresh, 2,300 miles to the west!

More later.  It’s bedtime!