Sustainability of Food Systems class – for FREE!

I am always a student.  I may have finished my Master’s degree in 2009, but I am still learning.  How to be a better wife. How to be improve my skills in my field of Human Resources. How to quilt and sew and craft. How to “upcycle” and recycle. How to make a loaf of bread that isn’t a total letdown (this one continues to befuddle me.)  I never stop learning, which is why Coursera is a Godsend.

If you haven’t heard of Coursera, you’re doing yourself a disservice.  Some of the best universities offering online classes?  For free!  What’s not to love?

I was perusing the classes the other night when I found this one:  Sustainability of Food Systems: A Global Life Cycle Perspective, offered by the University of Minnesota.  The description was intriguing and right up my alley, so I signed up.  It starts on June 14th and will last for 8 weeks.  It’s going to require homework, which I will have to make time for, but it’s definitely something I need to take, what with my need for my own little farm (see previous post!)