Harvesting, property updates, and dirty feet

Blueberry harvesting has started, and it’s obviously going to be ongoing for a while. Our smaller plants are mostly ready, but the larger plants still have a bit to go before the berries are ripe. Right now, I’m just picking, rinsing, freezing, and storing, but I plan on making some freezer jam in the near future. We eat a lot of fruit with granola and yogurt for breakfast, so I likely won’t have to buy blueberries for a very long while. I’m giving some berries to a friend, but we’ll still have more than two people ever will need. I also harvested some spinach, oregano, and lemon thyme this morning. I’m excited!

We had some landscapers come out last week to take care of some work we wanted done. There were a lot of random stands of brush around the property, and one of them included a tall CB tower. We had that all removed and graded (and a tiny paper maple tree moved), so now we’re waiting for new grass seed to take root. We were left with a much more open space the leads back to the treed part of our property, and I love it!

We also had our driveway scraped back because it was being overtaken by yard and new gravel put in. It looks so much better!

Finally, I’m dealing with a new problem… dirty feet. I am very anti-shoes (and I despise socks), so I wear flip flops 90% of the time during the summer. It wasn’t much of a problem before, but it is now. We’re in a drought (typical for Pacific Northwest summers), so dirt is flying everywhere. Add in all the dirt spun up with the work we had done, plus the fact that the soil here is very dark and rich, and my feet are so dirty every single day. I scrub and scrub, but they seem stained at this point. Putting on shoes and socks is really not an option, so I guess I’m just going to be one of those people with dirty feet all the time?

Anyway, we have about 30 boxes left to unpack/go through, and that’s on tap for this weekend. I need to feel settled, so Goodwill is about to receive a bunch of stuff!


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