Update! Gardening! Farming! We have a name!

We moved in seven weeks ago today, and I can honestly say that life has changed drastically since then. We were overwhelmed new homeowners on an unfamiliar piece of property with no plans to utilize the greenhouse. Now, though, we are making large, grand plans for our future gardening/farming operation, as well as the addition of a new barn/loafing shed.

We have gone super-small this year since we obviously got started late, so we have two types of peppers, two types of cabbage, lettuce, spinach, fennel, broccoli, tomatoes, and several types of herbs growing in our greenhouse, in addition to our 12-bush blueberry crop that has what appears to be roughly 7,230,437 blueberries growing at the moment.

Next year, though, will be quite a different story. We’re planning to add a second greenhouse, a huge raised bed garden, and a large root vegetable garden planted in our very dark, very rich soil.

This will be the site of our vegetable gardens and another greenhouse next year.

Also, our place is bunny central. I cannot explain how relaxed and happy I am just to sit on our back porch in my rocking chair watching the bunnies frolic behind our house.

Just one of what is probably a massive rabbit population. We have so many adorable babies hopping about!

Tim has mowed down a ton of tall grass that the previous owners left wild so that we can expand the gardening operation, but we have left so much of the grass wild and tall. According to my NatureID app, it is primarily Sweet Vernal grass, which explains the sweet smell that permeates the air here.

We also had to buy and learn how to drive a lawn tractor, which we now have successfully done after first driving it around while it was still in “choke” mode and burning up oil while believing we bought ourselves a piece of junk. Once we figured out all the things we were doing wrong, it’s become a good machine to have, and we no longer have to pay anyone to keep our yard under control. Between that and our new gas-powered weed eater, we are worlds away from our old property where Tim mowed our entire lawn (what there was of it) with a battery-operated weed eater!

Tim mowing with our Troy-Bilt lawn tractor.

We also purchased an SSR Motorsports Bison 400U Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) aka a side-by-side that we absolutely love. We use it for watering and exploring our acreage, as well as moving all kinds of stuff from point A to point B. And sometimes we just drive it around because it’s fun and we are two easily amused adults!

Our super-helpful and also very fun UTV!

I traded in my Silverado, as well. While I loved, loved, LOVED that truck and it would be spectacular for our plans here, it was causing me severe pain to drive. Trucks that size weren’t designed for people who don’t even reach 5’2″. Knee pain was common in that truck, so I said goodbye to it and bought myself a 2021 Trailblazer. Pain is gone, and it’s completely paid off thanks to the proceeds of our house sale, which is a fantastic feeling.

Jaxx loves our new place. I think he’s convinced we moved to a park. He gets multiple walks (5+) per day, and there is so much to sniff. The second we step out the back door, the bunnies scatter into the tall growth, and he never seems to notice. Where he was constantly barking due to sensory overload at our old place, he is now relaxed and mellow. He usually only barks now to alert us that someone has pulled into our driveway. He’s like a different boy!

A pic of a very, very happy boy! (Bonus TrailBlazer shot in the background!)

Since I’ve wanted to live on a property with a name for-ev-errrrr, we landed on the appropriate name for our property – Wild Hare Farm. The logo, you will see, is now in the heading of this blog. I might be opening up a new/second blog to post about farm life, or this blog name may change after 11 years. Time will tell on that front.

It’s now time to go fix supper, so I will leave you, dear reader, with this lovely shot of a full, double rainbow that I caught on June 14. In it, you can see our greenhouse, fenced blueberry patch, barn, and well house.


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