My top 5 fave YouTube channels

I don’t watch much TV these days. I haven’t really watched much TV in years. Currently, I don’t watch anything that airs on broadcast TV, and the only two shows I care about are Netflix’s Lucifer and Disney+’s The Mandalorian. I love everything about Lucifer, and of course I’m here for Baby Yoda!

What I love these days, and what entertains me, are YouTube channels. While I currently follow 131 channels, I thought I would share my top five favorite channels in case any of my readers are interested in more ways to fill their time during these long, cold days of both fall/winter plus pandemic quarantining.

My favorite channels are:
Cruising the Cut – This lovely channel is blog all about a man who lives full time on his narrowboat and cruises the canals of the UK. His videos are calming and he seems to have a lovely personality. It’s very, very British (and I mean that in the most positive way!)

Sailing La Vagabonde – Elaina, Riley, and toddler Lenny. They are the most adorable, engaging Australian family, and they live full-time on a beautiful sailboat, upon which they sail the world.

The History Underground – This channel is amazing. As a WWII history nut (and really American history in general), I love seeing where this channel will take us next to explore. He recently did his 100th episode at Camp Taccoa (Currahee!) in Georgia. As a massive fan of the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, I was thrilled.

Great Depression Cooking – The star of this channel, 98-year-old Clara, died in 2013. Nevertheless, it’s still one of my favorite channels. She grew up during The Great Depression, and she used this channel (with the help of her family) to share the recipes she and her family ate during that period of American history. I watch these videos over and over. Clara was a joy, and she is very much still a blessing.

The Narrowboat Experience – This channel is another one about living on a narrowboat. This particular one features a sweet couple, their two cats, and their lives on their narrowboat (also on the canals of the UK).

I also follow multiple channels regarding Judaism (synagogues, Jewish groups, etc.), cooking/homemaking channels of all kinds, and dozens of ASMR channels. I also follow maybe a dozen channels featuring people/families that live in their RVs, but those have fallen out of favor a bit with me as the content isn’t as interesting as it once was. Narrowboats, though? I’m all about the narrowboats!


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