Blogosphere, Meet Jaxx!

I posted three months ago about the loss of our dog, Roxie, but I never posted the follow-up to that story, so here it is.

After Roxie died, I cried for three days straight. On the third day, my husband asked, “Do you want to go to the pound?” 30 minutes later, we had an adoption application filled out and we were on our way to the humane society.

When we got there, we had to turn in our application and wait in the car (thanks, COVID). We went to meet one specific dog, and he was adopted while we were waiting. I was bummed, but a nice lady came out and said, “We have a dog in foster care that we really think you should meet.” She began to tell us about a 5-year-old Pit Bull named Mister, and how he had been in their system for five months. He was currently in a foster home because he could not function in their kennels. Due to that, there was very little interest in him. She explained that everyone there loved the dog, and they wanted him to find a home. I immediately rejected the idea because he was older than I wanted, and I wanted a dog that I could leave with that day. She promised me that his foster mom said he could be there in ten minutes if we wanted to meet him, so we said, “Yeah, why not?”

It was love at first introduction. An hour later, Mister was coming home with us. Later that night, he was re-named Jaxx.

He’s now been with us for three months and he is an absolute joy. Yes, he has a few issues (he doesn’t like other dogs, for one), and I believe he was abused previously because he seems to have a few triggers that incite a frightened response. But more than his issues is his sweetness, his goofiness, and his capacity to love.

We don’t believe he is 5, but closer to 3 or 4 given his energy level and puppy-like behavior. Only time will tell what his general age is, but we’re hoping that we have many, many years ahead with this wonderful ball of wiggling love.

Jaxx has helped heal my heart from the loss of Roxie, and we were able to provide another needy dog a home, just like we did for Rox all those years ago.

So here he is – meet Jaxx!


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