The evolution of camping (for us)

Camp Echo Hill – Mason County, Washington

We have now had this beautiful campsite for a year. In that time, we’ve had a crash-course in camping. We’ve learned how to deal with full tanks, refilling of water and propane, and all the other basics of camping.

We also learned that, while we adored camping, our motorhome was the wrong rig for us, so we traded her in for our our current travel trailer.

And as much as we love camping and intend to keep camping here, we’re planning phase two of our camping adventures.

Mainly, we realize how much we want the opportunity to actually GO camping.  We don’t have a tow vehicle capable of towing our nearly 8,000 pound travel trailer (if I had to do it again, I’d buy a lighter trailer), nor do we plan on buying such a huge super-duty truck that will tow her. So that trailer will stay parked.

But this fall, in about 5.5 months, I’m going to trade in my beloved 2017 Mustang and buy a 2020 Toyota 4Runner.  They can tow up to 5,000 pounds, and we intend to buy a very small, lightweight travel trailer (max weight of 3,000 pounds) in the next year so that we can go camping. Down to Yosemite National Park (a lifelong dream). Out to the Oregon Coast. Around Mt. Rainier National Park. Up into the Olympic Range. And finally, up the Alcan highway into British Columbia and Alaska.

We live in an amazing area of the country and we are ready to position ourselves to explore it more. And when we want to camp close to home, out we’ll go to Camp Echo Hill, our home away from home.


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