Welcome to Camp Echo Hill!

When we bought our Winnebago last fall, we obviously had plans to camp.  But… where?  A normal campground, where trailers are close together, wasn’t an attractive thought, and boondocking it on BLM or Forestry Service lands seemed impractical.  And then we were introduced to a private, member-owned, lakeside campground on the Olympic Peninsula.  After exploring the place a few times, we found the perfect site, signed the paperwork, and Camp Echo Hill was born.

We chose the name because our site sits atop a hill and, at the point where the site slopes down to the road below, there is quite the echo.

Welcome to Camp Echo Hill. Our custom sign – with our last name blurred out, of course.

Gracie Rides Again, aka our Winnebago, visible through the trees.

Our site from the spot where the land slopes into a steep hill.

Of course there is a pennant banner on our site – I’m obsessed with these.

The steep slope at the bottom of the site – but going up and down it is great cardio!

Soon to come – lots of camping posts!


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