Annnnnd I’m back!

I had to renew this web address this week and it made me start thinking – I miss this address! I’m going to start using it again and will slowly port my blog posts made in the interim on my other blog over to this one.  I just can’t part with this web address!

That being said, I was recently promoted and my workload is WHOA MAMA CRAZY, so blogging is… infrequent at best, at least until I figure out work/life balance!



2 thoughts on “Annnnnd I’m back!

    • Thank you! I missed this address. The other one never felt right, so I’m scrapping it. Gotta port over some of those posts, but it’s good to be back here!

      The promotion wasn’t unexpected as it takes forever and a half to get promoted where I work and you have to jump through hoops to get it, but now the workload is just… intense. And it’s only going to get worse because I’m about to get another promotion of sorts because I’m moving from “individual contributor” to “manager” and I’ll have six direct reports. Yikes!!!! Not complaining; I’m blessed… it’s just intense!

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