DIY – Getting rid of that ugly dining room table

My dining room table is an object to both love and despise.  It’s a bar height table, which makes it an easy workspace as well.  It’s sturdy. It’s still in great condition.  And it is uuuuuuuuuuugly.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought it, but I have faux marble.  Yuck, yuck, Y-U-C-K.

See this fake marble??  It’s gotta go.  And now that we’re planning for a new house, I know, without a doubt, that this table top just doesn’t go with the design of the house.

Fake marble - the definition of uglyHere’s the full table, with its beautiful legs and ugly top.

Yuck.Nope. No thanks.

So what do we do?  I planned on buying a new table, but  we really can’t hemorrhage money when we move.  The down payment on the house is going to be a big enough chunk of money, before we buy the washer and dryer and put in the privacy fencing we need for our dog.  I’ve been shopping for tables, then I researched fixing the tabletops, and I stumbled upon a YouTube video that made that little cartoon lightbulb come on above me head. SELF-STICK FLOOR TILES!!!

After a trip first to Home Depot, where they only had hideous choices, we ended up at Lowe’s. We were originally going for 12″ tiles, but I really loved the color of a certain style of 18″ ones, so those are the ones we chose.

First we laid them out on the ugly table to figure out how we wanted to place them…

Figuring it out

…and then we got to work.

Measuring, cutting, sticking. Two hours later, we were ALL DONE!!!


New edging

I got out my vintage china and set it up. I love it!!!















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