Well crud… I think my camera is now obsolete

We took a rambling trip today to explore the new region we’ve been calling home these past 7 months.  We meandered down to Tacoma and then over to Olympia, where we stopped for lunch.  We were originally headed to Westhaven State Park to see the Pacific Ocean, but it’s too freakin’ cold for frolicking in the sand, so we scrapped that and decided just to wander around Puget Sound.  We headed up to Union, WA and stopped along beautiful Hood Canal to take some pictures. I brought my Fujifilm 14 megapixel with 24x zoom with me to take some really great pictures, but I also had my iPhone 6 Plus with me, which I already know takes stellar pictures.  I got some shots with both and when I got back home and uploaded them, I was stunned.  The Fujifilm photos came out bland and really dull, and the iPhone captured the vibrant colors we actually saw.  To compare:

First, the Fuijifilm – Fujifilm 1Now virtually the same shot from the iPhone –  iPhone 1Again with the Fujifilm – Fujifilm 2And now the iPhone – iPhone 2 So the Fujifilm camera is now going into my drawer of old technology (holding 8 megapixel cameras, various Android phones, and a half dozen Blackberry Curves.)  In this case, iPhone is definitely king!


2 thoughts on “Well crud… I think my camera is now obsolete

  1. Washington’s beauty is ridiculous. We were just blown away by all the gorgeous forests and mountains everywhere. Such a beautiful state!!! So glad it’s home now!

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