Farmgirls, church ladies, and Sunday mornings

Early Sunday mornings, well before the sun peeks over the Cascades range, I love to climb from beneath the warmth of my quilts, close the cracked window letting in all that chilly Pacific Northwest air, and head downstairs.  I start with a cup of coffee, popping the pod into the Keurig and listening to it brew in the otherwise silent house.  After that, once my amaretto creamer is swirling in the mug and I’m starting to wake up, I get to work.  Generally, by Sunday, my kitchen is more than a little haggard looking.  Clean dishes are stacked up everywhere instead of in their rightful places, and my white countertops are a mess.

Sunday mornings, when Tim and Roxie are still snoozing away, is my time to clean and think.  This morning’s quiet time was especially poignant because I had a lot to think about after the fantastic weekend I had.  Friday night, I met with a small group of wonderful ladies who are all part of the “farmgirl movement.”  We’re all dedicated to the idea of a self-sufficient, creative, organic, women-empowered lifestyle, inspired by our Queen Bee, MaryJane Butters of MaryJanesFarm.  I was invited to the Farmgirl Chapter meeting, and I spent three hours with some incredible ladies.  We carded wool, we learned to spin yarn, and they attempted to teach me how to crochet. (Attempt failed.)

Then yesterday afternoon, I went to the Women’s Fellowship meeting at church.  I know my most recent posts about religion have all been about my trying to find a church and I haven’t posted an update about this particularly, but we have found a church.  We’ve found a lovely, tiny church (pictured here) with a brand new pastor who has actually only been there for two weeks versus our three.  It’s part of the Church of the Brethren denomination, which is an anabaptist, Peace church with beliefs very similar to that of the Mennonites. It’s the most simple, beautiful church, and after attending a mega-church with a sanctuary that sat 3,000 people, coming into this tiny worship space (with a maximum capacity of 159) is quite a shock. There are no huge screens, no PowerPoint displays, no flashing lights.  Anyway, we love it.  And I want to get involved with this little church, so the Women’s Fellowship is the perfect way to do that. The meeting was brief, but I got to meet some more lovely ladies and spend a bit of time with Joyce, a sweet, elderly woman who welcomed me on my first Sunday.  As a group, we talked about our interests and I shared my love of writing and herbalism.  I’ve been asked to teach a class about herbs soon, so I need to start preparing for that.

So I had a beautiful weekend full of inspiring women that I hope will become my friends.  At church today, Pastor Mark gave a really great sermon about community today, and afterwards, we were invited over to have dinner with him and his family on Wednesday.  I’m very excited to get to know this new family and looking forward to the growing relationship between us and our new church family this year.

This afternoon has been one full of rainstorms punctuated with bouts of tiny hail.  Now, things are clearing up and Sunday evening is rushing in.  This means it’s time to mentally get back in the game, get my work bag ready for Monday, and start preparing for lunches and commuting.  I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m going to work from home two days a week, and I’m so happy that I have the opportunity to do that. Working from home cuts out 3 hours of commuting a day – how can I resist?

Oh, and there are now two new rules in place in my house:

  1. When we get the mail, it goes in the basket by the door and not on the table!
  2. Family dinner. Together, at the table. Every night. Cell phones put away. TV off.

So that’s it… a satisfying weekend that isn’t quite over yet.  I’m going to focus on my other love this evening – writing! Hope you had a beautiful weekend, too!


5 thoughts on “Farmgirls, church ladies, and Sunday mornings

    • I definitely have. This Brethren church sings straight out of the hymnal, which is great. It feels like a church from 60 years ago, which I just love!

  1. So glad you’ve found a good church home. My wife attended a Church of the Brethren before we met (when she lived in California) and she often talks about her fond memories of it.

    I’m also glad about your farmgirls group. Groups like that give me hope. My wife is a big fan of MaryJane as well. About a year and a half ago we started up a group that meets once a month to share a potluck supper and to share ideas and homesteading skills. We always have a good gathering and it’s been great to be able to connect with like-minded people.

    • MaryJane is amazing. Glad your wife likes her! And your group sounds like so much fun! Have you learned a lot from your friends? My husband and I have always been homebodies, but I’m embracing this new home and new life and we’re really getting to meet people. It’s exciting!

  2. I am so happy for you! And one of the secrets of happiness in any endeavor is to both give and receive, and you are doing that. Your warm appreciation of the fellowship is doing a lot, without your being aware of it, to help and encourage others. They must think that God dropped you and your husband right down from heaven into their midst, and they would be right! Either that or you guys are alien life forms….snicker.

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