Some Sundays are nearly perfect

Had I not turned off my alarm at 6:30a and then accidentally slept until 9:08a, this would have been the most perfect of Sundays.  Despite my proclivity of alarm avoidance (third time this long holiday weekend), I managed to have the kind of Sunday that truly prepares me to deal with commuting and general ridiculousness on Monday.  

I spent some time these last few days researching different churches. Considering I’m drawn again and again to the Anabaptists, I’d settled on the Mennonites, but the closest church was 24 miles up the freeway.  Anyone familiar with Seattle traffic knows that, even on a Sunday, 24 miles can be a bear.  I was about to give up completely when I discovered that the little church I’d been admiring just a few miles away is actually part of Church of the Brethren, which is an Anabaptist/peace denomination. I decided last night that I was going to attend the service this morning and I was not disappointed.  The church was absolutely lovely but even more fantastic were the people.  Talk about a welcoming group!  With only about 50 people in attendance, it was tiny (as I’m used to mega-churches) but I found it to be intimate and more like a conversation than a lecture.  Needless to say, I loved it and I’m going back.  Tim’s even coming with me!

Exterior of church

Exterior of church

With as much studying and researching that I’ve been doing with Anabaptist theology, and now specifically looking into the Brethren church, we may very well have found our church home.

So warm and inviting!

So warm and inviting!

After I got home, I threw some broccoli and cauliflower into the oven to roast and cut up the pork tenderloin that had been simmering in the crockpot.

Lunch was spent telling Tim about the church and discussing our week ahead.  After that, I cleaned, texted with a few family members, and read my bible for a while (making my way through Matthew.)

Now it’s the evening and I have a few hours ahead of me of doing actual work-related things before going to bed and attempting to sleep.  I never sleep well on Sunday nights and I don’t think tonight will be any different.

I’m also allowing myself 30 minutes of reading time.  I just started the Ashfall trilogy by Mike Mullin.  I’m about 35% into the first book and it’s fantastic, but it leaves me disturbed and a little freaked out. It tells the story of what happens after the super-volcano at Yellowstone explodes.  Considering I live so close to Mt. Rainier, I’m more aware of volcanoes than I used to be, so this book is sobering so far! (And by sobering, I mean it’s scaring the crap out of me nightly.)

I’m planning for a few more posts this year and I’ve just updated my blog theme, as well as signed this blog up over at Bloglovin’ (the link is on the sidebar to the right.)  Anyway, that’s it for now.  Time to mentally prepare to get back to the grind, even if it’s only for 2.5 days!


5 thoughts on “Some Sundays are nearly perfect

  1. How wonderful that you have possibly found a church home where you feel welcome. It’s a beautiful building and I especially like the mini patio area with benches that seem to invite lingering and visiting. This would be a good idea for my church.

    • I loved that little patio, too! Washington summers are so lush and green, so I’m looking forward to getting to linger on that lawn a little while! I grew up in a tiny church and now, at 36, I’m starting to see the appeal again after years of huge Catholic parishes and a UMC mega-church!

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