DIY: Christmas tree yo-yo garland

I love fabric yo-yos.  I’ve made them for years and I use them to make table covers and decorative throws.  I decided to use all my older yo-yos to make a garland for my Christmas tree, and I finally got it done tonight.

Here are a few of the individual yo-yos I used.

individual yo-yosAnd these are the strips I sewed together to make the garland.

yo-yo stripsAnd here it is, 14 feet of yo-yo garland!

14 feet of yo-yo garland!Take a look at the amount of yo-yo circles I have cut out and ready to go!  SO many plans for these!

A foot of fabric fun!I’m putting my tree up on Thursday so that it will be ready and beautiful for the “Transplant to Seattle” Thanksgiving that I’m hosting on Saturday.  Stay tuned for pictures!


2 thoughts on “DIY: Christmas tree yo-yo garland

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