What I’m reading: Milk Cow Kitchen

I’m catching a flight to Seattle in less than 6 hours and I’m breaking one of my cardinal rules, which is to never, ever take a real book on a plane.  Real books are too heavy and clunky and they limit you to just one thing, whereas my Kindle offers a world of books in a teeny little device.  There’s only one thing that will make me break that tried-and-true rule and that’s a new book by MaryJane Butters.

If you aren’t familiar with MaryJane Butters and MaryJanesFarm, I have to ask you – what are you doing with your life?! Put down your iPhone, log off Facebook, and listen up.

I “met” MaryJane in 2003 when I stumbled upon her publication at Walmart.  Half-magazine, half-catalog for dehydrated (and frickin’ deeeeelicious) camping food, I was as starry-eyed in love as a Looney Tunes character with what I held in my hands.  Her articles and photography pulled at something deep inside of me that I’d been ignoring for a long time.  With just the flip of a few pages, the part of me that ached for a self-sustainable, earth-friendly country life burst wide open, and I’ve been on a quest ever since to add touches of that lifestyle to the life I lead.

Turns out, it was the second issue of her magazine I’d found and I’ve been a subscriber and avid fan ever since.  I had the pleasure of meeting MaryJane for real in 2006 and it only cemented the fact that I was in awe of this woman. (Fact: She’s the only woman I’ve ever met who can make a simple apron look more elegant than a ball gown. Also, she (and her daughter, Meg) are able to rock pantaloons and cowgirl books and look gorgeous.  Trust me when I say that this is no easy feat.)  She eventually moved on to writing books, and Milk Cow Kitchen is her fifth one.

I’ve been so busy with work travel lately that I just now got to order this book.  I ordered it at 5am yesterday, paid for same day delivery from Amazon, and it was delivered earlier this evening, just in time to be packed for my flight.  I haven’t even peeked inside yet (the suspense is brutal!)  I’m waiting to pull it out of my bag until I’m at my gate at the airport. I’ll hear that satisfying crack of the stiff spine as I crack it open and then I’ll get lost in her beautiful world once again.

Milk Cow KitchenMaryJane is responsible, if you ask me, for starting a movement.  Her message boards and GirlGab blog site are full of women who come from all walks of life but crave a connection to the land and of wholesome, simpler things. If you need a break from the rat race, even for a little while, start here!




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