Old ink = new ink

I love tattoos.  I got my first tattoo when I was 20.  My sister took me to a tattoo place in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville and my tat was done by this biker dude with a long beard who couldn’t stop laughing at me because I hyperventilated and nearly passed out from the pain.  When it was done, approximately 4 minutes later, I had a tiny (1 inch tall) tattoo of a yellow daisy on my outside left ankle.  My 20-year-old self loved that tat.  I felt like a badass.  My sister, of course, spent the next decade commenting about my “mole” that looked like a flower because it was so small.

The thing about tattoos is that they hurt.  Like, a lot.  So, despite the fact that I loved them, I didn’t get another one for over a decade.  Meanwhile I got married and my husband was tatted up already, and got a few more after we got together.  Finally, I decided I was going to give in and get another one because I wanted a wrist tattoo.  Due to my love of Harry Potter and admiration for Jo Rowling, I went with a Harry-Potter themed tattoo.

Tattoo #1

That one didn’t hurt much, so I found myself ready to get another one a year later, which is how I ended up with the one on my food, which is inspired by the Broadway musical RENT.  (This tattoo HURT like WHOA.)

Tattoo #3

So now I was happy, but the new ink on my foot made the 15-year-old daisy just above it look awful.  It was faded to the point where you could barely discern what the heck it was.  Yesterday, I decided to give in and get it covered up.

Here’s the hideous daisy:

Tattoo #1 Here’s Scott the tattoo artist (who also did my RENT tattoo) working on my leg:

Scott @ Midwest Tattoo Company (#2) Scott @ Midwest Tattoo Company (1)And here’s the new tattoo!  I love it! No more wilted looking daisy!  The cover-up process is fascinating.  I can’t believe that ugly daisy was ever there before.  The hummingbird is substantially bigger than the daisy and my leg hurts like crazy today, but I’m very happy!

Tattoo #4

Hubby was so inspired yesterday that he finally got his fifth tattoo.  I have to say, it’s pretty freakin’ great! (He’s a Bigfoot enthusiast.)

Tim's Tattoo #5


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