All because of a nameless song…

As a writer, I’ve learned that inspiration is unpredictable.  I can go months without having a single moment where ideas and thoughts flow, and then, in a heartbeat, the floodgates open and I’m overwhelmed.  Joyously overwhelmed.

Such was the case as I drove home from work Thursday night.  It was a calm drive, though miserably cold, and I had decided to listen to some sermon podcasts from our church.  After the woman read the scripture, the podcast went silent for a moment and then this instrumental music started to play.  I could tell that, had I been watching instead of listening, I would be seeing a slick, moving video.  (Our church is good at those.)  Still, this wordless music played and, within 30 seconds, I was inexplicably tears.  My chest hurt.  My heart ached.  I was completely heartbroken.  I hurt so much but I didn’t know why. Within 90 seconds, a novel idea that I’ve been struggling to develop for months hit me.  Slammed into me so hard that I could barely breathe as I drove down that lonely interstate.  The flashes of scenes, of emotion and loss on the part of the characters, just bowled me over.  I had tears streaking down my cheeks when I hit the “back” button so that I could listen to that short instrumental piece again.  And again.  And again.  All the way home.

As soon as I walked in the door, I told Tim about this novel idea and then I ran upstairs and typed it out, all while listening to that same short music on repeat.  (I’m listening to it now.  I still have no idea what it’s called or where it’s even from or how I can buy it.)

Part of my ongoing writing problem is that I’ve had two story ideas rolling around in my head for a long time – one a modern day story and the other a historical one that takes place during World War II.  As that music played, though, I was overwhelmed with the idea of how easily I could blend those two stories into one.  I furiously got the premise down on paper, and I’ve spent part of this weekend on character and plot development.

This is where my Microsoft Surface is key.  I bought it specifically to do my writing and and I’m utilizing OneNote to organize my novel.  This makes it incredibly easy!  I have a tab for the novel with the title and premise and then the character profiles tab has a page for each of the characters.  It’s going to make it easy to keep things organized and together.

OneNote for novel planningAnyway, I’ll start the writing portion soon enough.  Right now, I’m doing a rough plan of the major events, and then I’m just going to start free-writing to see where the characters and the plot takes me.  It’s all incredibly emotional for me right now because I have wanted to tell this story for so very long.  It’s going to be angsty and beautiful and, I hope, very moving.

Now that this process has begun, I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it.  Bringing this story and these characters to life is a huge priority to me!

My characters:

This Love of Mine - the characters!


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