Takin’ the plunge

After four years of wishing and wanting and hem-hawing around, I’m finally taking the plunge to seriously study herbalism.  I’ve been researching courses for years but it always ended up that I was too busy with other things to pursue it.  Even though my free time is more valuable than ever and my work hours far exceed anything than I’ve ever had before, I decided that this was my year.  Despite all the things standing in my way, 2014 is about improving myself, and studying herbalism is part of it.

I was very specific in my desires – I did not want an online course.  I want tangible texts to put in my hands and time when I could simply shut off my technology and study a real, honest-to-goodness book (with pages and a spine and that papery smell and everything!)  I wanted to do an old-fashioned correspondence course and there are a lot of them out there, but I finally settled on Susun Weed’s ABC of Herbalism course.  I’m quite excited about it!

Even though we live in a townhouse in an apartment complex, I have a nice, huge patio rimmed by tall privacy fence.  I’m going to make my very own citified herb garden this spring so that I can grow some of what I’m studying.  I can’t wait to start pouring through these!

So soon, I’ll start blogging about my herbalism studies and experiments and, hopefully, will have some wisdom and knowledge to impart. Wish me luck!



10 thoughts on “Takin’ the plunge

    • Bach’s Flower Remedies are controversial (as controversial as the natural community can get anyway) because they’re either highly effective or completely useless, diluted flower/water combinations, depending on who you talk to. I’ve used some before and personally felt no benefit from them, but I can’t speak for everyone. I’m sure I’ll study it more, though.

  1. I’ve developed a real interest in herbalism and would love to take a class as well. Feeling a little bit jealous right now, but wish you lots of luck in your journey.

    • Thanks! I chose the course I did because it was the most financially sensible, allowing me to make monthly payments instead of one huge chunk out of my checking account at once! I keep checking the mailbox for my first package, even though I know it’s still too soon!

  2. My Good Seeds catalog came in the mail yesterday 🙂 This will be our second summer in our new house. We didn’t plant a garden last year because we moved in a little too late in the spring but this year we are going to start adding some planting beds! I am going to try really hard not to end up with 58 tomato plants 🙂

  3. I just installed a drip irrigation system in my back yard garden (25′ x 60′!!) but we could put a small patio one together. I have a website that has all the info if you’re interested!! Have fun!

    • I’m trying to actually gauge the size of your garden (I’m not good with that kind of stuff), but it seems quite large! I’ll be starting very, very small since we live in a townhouse, but I can’t wait to start. First, all these mountains of snow need to melt!

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