Homemade Deodorant Powder

Today’s mass market deodorant is full of aluminum, perfume, and a dozen other unpronounceable ingredients.  If you’re like me, your body has said, “Nope, no way!” and it’s gone on strike, leaving you with red, itchy armpits that are only soothed by a rough scrubbing in the shower.  Also, if you really are like me, you’ve tried the natural stuff, too – the Tom’s, the crystal – and have ended up with the same angry pits.  So where do you go from there?

I’ve actually found that natural deodorant powder is the only thing that works.  It absorbs, I don’t smell, and, most importantly, I’m not about to go mad halfway through my day because my armpits are itching.  I love Lush’s deodorant powder, but I go through it quickly. At $12 a bottle, it’s not cheap.

After some research, I’ve come up with my own recipe for Deodorant Powder, using only four ingredients.  It’s not scented, like some of the others are, but the scent sometimes irritates my skin, too, so I feel like this stuff is safe.


– baking soda

– cornstarch

– tapioca flour

– coconut milk powder

IngredientsFirst, you need to add 1/3 cup of each of the above ingredients into a medium sized bowl and mix them with a spoon.

Ingredients in bowlFrom there, grab a larger bowl and your flour sifter.  Set the sifter either above or in your bowl, depending on the type of sifter you have, and transfer the ingredients into it.  Sift all ingredients together.  When you’re done, you’ll be left with clumpy bits, like below.

The clumpy bitsTransfer those back to the first bowl and smash them up with a spoon.

Bye, bye, clumpy bits!Now, dump the sifted batch back into the original bowl on top of the smashed up clumpy bits, and then re-sift everything together again so that you have a very fine mixture.

Final mixtureFinally, transfer to a bottle or jar with a spoon and tightly close the lid.

Viola!This is equal to about 4 bottles of the other stuff I was using for just a fraction of the cost!

To apply, simply tap some out on a flat surface and load onto a big, fluffy makeup brush.  Then apply liberally to your pits (and any other bits you feel that need it), and you’re good to go!  No stink, no gross, and NO ITCHY PITS!






5 thoughts on “Homemade Deodorant Powder

  1. Cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil is AMAZING stuff! We use it for everything at our house and on the farm. Great for cleaning/deoderizing. Not surprised to see coconut powder in your recipe here. Good stuff! Thanks for posting this!

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