Trying to relax

This weekend has been all about resting and letting my body recuperate from what I put it through this past week.

 Yesterday, Tim and I drove around Crown Hill Cemetery, which is just beautiful and peaceful and a great place to take pictures.  There was something wrong with my camera, but I still managed to get a few good shots.

Crown Hill - 1Crown Hill - 2Crown Hill clouds

And today is the kind of Sunday afternoon that is true balm for my weary soul – organizing my office while listening a broadcast of CBS Screen Guild Theater from 1943.  It’s the radio version of Holiday Inn starring Dinah Shore and one of my favorites of all time, the incomparable Bing Crosby.  His voice is just so soothing, and I love the quick pace of these short radio shows.

There’s just nothing like vintage radio.  It is one of my greatest pleasures.  My collection is forever growing as I stumble upon new shows.  I just wish I had more news from the World War II period.  I have quite a bit, of course, but I want more.  There’s just never enough!

Once my cleaning project is done, I think we’ll run errands.  It’s a beautiful fall day and perfect for a little drive.


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