Sometimes, all I can do is shake my head in a combination of wonderment and annoyance.  As I stated in this post, getting a Mustang was a dream of mine.  A very long-held dream.  I have had my beautiful car since July and have loved every second of ownership.  But there is a dark side of Mustang ownership that I wasn’t prepared for – EVERYONE WANTS TO RACE ME!!!

This happens often, but none as ridiculous as tonight.  I work night shift now, so I was on the road toward home at 3:15am.  I was on one of the busiest streets in the city, in the left lane of the four-lane road.  I came upon a Dodge Ram that was going a little slow so I zipped on by (within the speed limit, mind you).  Seconds later, this truck roars back up besides me.  The driver slows down so that he’s even with me, paces me for a few seconds, and revs his engine, clearly inviting me to race.  I ignored him because 1) I don’t do that and 2) I don’t want a ticket and 3) I’m not an idiot.  So I slow down.  What does he do?  Slows down and revs his engine yet again.  Luckily, at that moment, I arrived at the turn lane for the left-handed turn I needed to make, so I raised my arms at him in annoyance and then turned and made it the rest of the way home.

Seriously, world, just because I have a sports car does not mean I want to race.  I got the Mustang for me, not to race you!  Leave me and my pretty car alone!!!

My love, my heart, my 2005 Mustang

My love, my heart, my 2005 Mustang (and her sister, the 2011 HHR that’s sitting beside her!)

And so this wraps up my first week at my new building.  I walked a total of 18 miles while at work this week, so I am physically drained.  My bed is calling me, so I bid you, online world, adieu for now.


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