Last Thursday was my last day on day shift.  After about six weeks, I’m transitioning back to my beloved night shift.  I’m also moving to a new building, a much, much more intense building, so I’m a bit nervous about what is to come beginning Monday.  I’ve spent my weekend slowly transitioning back to night shift hours.  As a result, I’ve taken on a few projects!

The first was my plan to work on our food storage.  In our old house, we had an extra closet we used to stock up about a month’s worth of food.  Once we knew we were moving last year, we slowly ate through it so that we wouldn’t have to take it with us.  Now we’re in a 1200 sq ft townhouse with one of the worst things ever – the galley-style kitchen.  There is positively no space for any form of food storage, and I really want to work on developing our Family Home Storage area.  After some thought and analysis of our pathetic closet space downstairs, I settled on the area in our front closet that’s above our washer and dryer.  It was full of junk, which I cleaned out.  Then we went to Heaven on Earth aka Mecca aka OCD North Pole aka The Container Store to find what we could use  to organize and maximize the space.  Below are the before and after pictures.

StorageWe still have plenty of room left, and we already have a decent start on our food items, which will rotate into the kitchen.  I’m still working on a plan for this space, of course, but I feel like I accomplished something, at least!

I bought myself a food dehydrator this weekend, too, because I love jerky and find it to be a great way to get protein while at work when I’m on the run and I’m really busy.  After researching online for a bit and with my new dehydrator in hand, I sliced up and marinated both flank steak and salmon.  The meat went into the dehydrator today and I just took it out a few hours ago.  It’s fantastic!  It turned out to be totally delicious!  Making more tomorrow and will stockpile some in the freezer.  A lot of times, my attempts at making things turn out terribly bad (like the recent attempt at hand dipping beeswax candles) but for once, I was successful!

jerkyTomorrow involves packing my work bag (if you understood where I worked, you would understand what a monumental task this is), reorganizing the bathroom storage, and attempting to get more sleep so that my body’s internal clock switches back.  You would think 6 weeks of day shift wouldn’t destroy 10.5 months of night shift, but it definitely has.  I feel like I’m starting all over again.  Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “Projects!!!

    • We’re buying a small freezer (5 cubic feet) to allow more room for storage. Our freezer is pathetically small. A bag of ice and two frozen pizzas and it’s full!!!

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