Still watching…

As I posted in my last post, I spent a large portion of Saturday watching most of the General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Now, as a non-Mormon, I still can’t really explain why I watched General Conference.  In fact, I really don’t even know how I found out General Conference was happening.  In the way that those things just kind of happen, I found out it was on and then I tuned in via  Saturday’s talks really impressed me (shout out to the amazing Elder Holland!!), but I missed most of Sunday’s because of things going on my life.  I started watching the videos from Sunday’s talks last night and resumed tonight when it was time to wind down after a rather stressful, trying day.  Now, this was the kind of day I dread – things being (figuratively) lobbed at me from left to right, coupled with some issues at home that I had to jointly handle with my husband via phone.  By the time I left work, I was drained and feeling so discouraged.  We went out to dinner, which cheered me up some, and then I came home and found my way back to the General Conference page on the LDS site.  I chose to watch this video, which is of President Monson speaking at the General Relief Society Meeting.  It reduced me to tears. I’ve felt very alone lately, like God stopped hearing our prayers years ago.  His simple story about Tiffany and the loaf of bread sent a jolt through my heart.  We all need reminding of God’s love and President Monson reminds us – all of us, regardless of where we worship or what church we call “home” – that He is often present in unexpected but powerful ways.  It was a message I needed to hear.  I don’t need grand gestures to remind me that God is here, just small moments of grace and clarity.  I just have to learn to cherish those moments and, above all, pray. All the time.

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