New phone, sewing, and… Latter Day Saints?

My eyes are barely open as I’m writing this, meaning this post will probably be somewhat brief.  It’s been pouring down rain all day, which is my absolute favorite type of weather, but it’s made me sleepy and longing to crawl beneath the quilts and get some rest.

In my ever-present need for new technology, I fired my iPhone 4S (running iOS 7) and got a brand spanking so-new-they-don’t-even-have-cases-for-it-yet Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  I’ve been obsessing over this “phablet” for about three weeks now.  In my job, I often go out on the floor to talk with associates, and I carry my phone, note pad, and pen.  The note, with its S-Pen, eliminates the need for paper and a pen.  I can pop out the little stylus and write any notes down right on the screen.  Plus, every fall I get the OHMIGOSH I NEED A NEW PHONE fever. I hope that I can keep this one for longer than a year.  I think I’ll be able to because, so far, it’s amazing.  It honestly blows my iPhone out of the water.  I’ve always been a Mac person but never really felt too impressed by the iPhone.  And then I got an iPad Mini and I really just kind of became tired of the same operating systems on all my devices.  So I have returned to Android!

As I mentioned above, the Note 3 is so new that you can’t find any cases in stores.  I want the official Samsung case for it, but I’m waiting until it shows up on Amazon (where it will be cheaper than it is on Samsung’s site.)  I ordered screen protectors but still needed something to carry it in.  This need led me to sewing my own case today.

The first thing I had to do was settle on the fabric.  I wanted something fun, so I chose this VeggieTales fabric that I’ve had for at least five years.

Step 1Then I cut everything out, using the Note as a guide, sewed the pieces together (by hand, because I refuse to own a sewing machine), placed the cotton quilt batting in the middle, and began the process of stitching it up.

Step 2Once it was all sewn, I turned it inside out.

Step 3Then I sewed on a button and some narrow binding material to keep it closed.

Step 4And voila!  It’s done!

Done!(This is an important time to note that the first four pictures were taken with my Note and the last one was taken on my iPad.  I think it’s obvious which one has a much better camera, eh?)

I did all of this today while watching the 138th Semi-Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  For new readers to my blog, this is where I point out that I am not, in fact, a Mormon.  I am a non-denominational Christian turned United Methodist turned Roman Catholic turned United Methodist again. But lately, I’ve had a very deep curiosity about the LDS church.  I’m not new to the LDS church at all.  My best friend growing up was Mormon, and I visited the meetinghouse with her a few times.  Her father is a professor of Mormonism, so anything I ever heard about the church from the family was intelligent and well thought out.  I still remember sleepovers at her house where we watched the most cheesy musical ever – Saturday’s Warrior – which we both absolutely loved.  At the time, I had zero idea that I was actually watching a primer on Mormon theology.  As a 14-year-old in the 1990s, all I cared about was the cute guy starring in it and the fun music to sing along to! I found this movie on YouTube the other day and watched it in its entirety. 21 years later, I still know most of the words to the songs!

Anyway, the LDS church is not foreign to me.  I’ve always had a deep respect for their intense focus on family and my friend’s family was proof of that.  I’m still in contact with my childhood friend who now lives (surprise, surprise!) in Salt Lake City.  I don’t know what made me watch the General Conference today but I caught all of the afternoon session, and I was honestly blown away.  Elder Holland’s speech (which can be viewed here) about mental illness was moving and profound and insightful.  I know zero about this man, but I now respect him immensely. I suffer from intense anxiety that I am unable to treat due to reactions to medicine, and Elder Holland’s encouraging words hit home.  The General Conference continues tomorrow and I intend to watch more of it.  I’ve also emailed my childhood friend about it, because she and I have been corresponding lately regarding the Book of Mormon (which I’ve been reading off and on for the last week and a half.)  Anyway, I’m presently exploring this faith. I have no idea where it will lead, but I’ve learned one thing as an adult that I could never fathom as a child: God is present in more than one type of worship, and in more than just one church.

Wow. So this post ended up being considerably longer than I thought it would be.  And I’m much more alert now than I was.  Guess it’s time to grab my Kindle and cuddle beneath those quilts I talked about earlier!

(Sunday, Oct. 6 – editing this to add the following:  If you are LDS and you wouldn’t mind being a “source” for me to ask questions, would you leave me a comment?  I’d appreciate it!)

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12 thoughts on “New phone, sewing, and… Latter Day Saints?

  1. Rachel…Hi! You made a very thoughtful comment on my blog regarding Elder Holland’s talk on depression, etc. I just read your post and find your openness wonderful! If you’re interested, you’re welcome to ask me some questions. I’m sure I won’t have all of the answers, but I’ll share what I can 🙂

    • Hi! Thank you!!! I’m presently in the mode of “read all I can, learn all I can” so I might be hitting you up with questions! I appreciate it!

  2. Just in case, I should leave my email: MickelsonBJ {at} gmail {dot} com

    A little background…I’m a married father of 5, living in Utah (*gasp*) and I teach LDS seminary and have a small but busy photography studio. I also watched Saturday’s Warriors as a kid, so that’s what we have in common 🙂

    • If you’ve seen Saturday’s Warriors as many times as it sounds like you have, you probably know more about Mormonism than most! 🙂 I’m not sure my children have every seen it. Big mistake. I’m on it! 🙂

    • Yes! They must watch that right now!! My friend and I watched that and “Newsies” at least once a month for about a year and a half. I’ve seen it at least a dozen times, if not more. (My favorite song is “Sailing On.”) Your kids will facepalm and tell you it’s very cheesy because it is!!! But it’s also great!

  3. I’d love to ask/answer questions with you. I’ve been LDS all my life, but I am currently trying to regain my faith in the basics (God exists, etc.). I know all the answers with my head, but I feel like my depression has seriously handicapped me in the “knowing in my heart” department, so I believe that your insight as you study Mormonism may be helpful for me as well.

  4. Rachel, thanks for following my blog! I’ve loved all I’ve read here on yours. I feel like we have a lot in common. I too suffer from anxiety (and luckily, have been medicating it lately, I can only imagine how hard that would be, not to be able to) and being a member of the LDS church has helped me greatly with battling it. I loved Elder Holland’s talk, he gives pretty amazing one’s every conference. Anyway, I’m blabbing here. I’m excited to get to know you better, and look forward to reading more of your posts.

    I also want to say that I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Being a member of the LDS church has brought me immense happiness and I’d love to share what I can. Feel free to comment on my blog or email me at Best of luck in all of your writing endeavors!

    • Hi! Thank you for reading and commenting! I’m forever battling anxiety and, since I am unable to medicate, I have to find new and unique ways to cope. It doesn’t help that I have a stressful job and tend to bring things home with me to mill over and chew on.

      Looking forward to getting to know you!

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