It finally happened….

I worked on my manuscript last night for the first time in months!!!

I not only worked on it but got four pages written!!!!

Faith and Begorrah, it felt great to write again!  I immersed myself in 1940s big band music, blocked out the husband and the dog and the sound of the TV downstairs, and soon I was standing in the middle of a beautiful spring day – May 3, 1941.  Whirlaway had just won the Kentucky Derby and my two characters, Jack and Lila, were leaving Churchill Downs together, about to reach a critical point in their non-relationship – the point that kicks off the majority of this story!

It felt so great to write again.  For the first time in forever, I was able to connect with the characters and really feel their emotions and the time in which they lived.  Now my work week has started again, but I feel inspired to keep writing whenever I can.  I love this feeling!


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