Indiana History! And goats and sheep and cows and pigs!

One of the very best parts of living in Indiana is being able to visit Conner Prairie Interactive History Park.  It’s a living museum, and each section lets you visit a distinct period of Indiana’s past.   All of the interpreters are 100% in character at all times, right down to the language and mannerisms of the period.  I love to visit this wonderful place and get swept away in the charm, the history, and the smell.  Yes, the smell of farm animals.  Conner Prairie has their fair share of animals.  It’s a living, working farm, after all, so animals are a natural part of it.  I took my new Fuji camera to Conner Prairie today to experiment, play, and above all, enjoy a quiet July afternoon.  (Click for larger versions of the pictures.)

Plucking tender morsels over the fence!I love how this shot turned out.  I was relatively far away, but the zoom on my camera is amazing.

Curious kidSpending time playing with this little kid cemented my need for a goat, by the way.

This is one content, smelly sowThis sow made me laugh.  I would have spent a longer amount of time admiring her if she hadn’t smelled absolutely horrendous.

HeyyyyyyThis lucky lady spends all her time being petted.

This sheep loves her barn fanAccording to the young lady working in the barn, this sheep won’t leave the fan all day.

This muddy pig shouldn't be so cute.This mud-covered fella looked way too happy!

The Conner homeThe historic Conner home.

The prairieAnd the restored prairie.

Part of 1836 PrairietownPart of charming 1836 Prairietown.

Lily + raindropsAgain, I love the zoom on my new camera.

Dupont, 1863Beautiful covered bridge that leads to the 1863 Civil War experience, where visitors are transported to July 13, 1863, right after Morgan’s Raiders tore through Dupont, Indiana.

Rain rolling in over the fieldsRain rolling in over the fields.

The Porter Family HomeThe Porter home.  (My camera takes beautiful B&W shots, too!)

love this old, weathered fenceI loved this weathered picket fence.

GardensJust one of the many beautiful gardens.

There’s a lot to Conner Prairie, and I didn’t get to enjoy it all because a steady rain moved in about two hours into my visit.  Now, I love rain and can spend hours in it, but my camera cannot, so I cut my visit short.  I’ll return soon, I’m sure.  I always do!

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