Working, shopping, and planning for the future

First there’s the working:

So I’ve been working my behind off.  Even when I’m not on site, I’m still working via my laptop/VPN or answering emails on my phone.  This has left me feeling drained, and what better way to lift my spirits than through retail therapy?

Which leads me to the shopping:

Today, we made the glorious mistake of going to Cracker Barrel.  After we were done eating (sidenote: the Oven Roasted Turkey Salad was delicious!) we wandered through the shop and I stumbled upon this little vintage camper light.  Isn’t it adorable?  It’s the closest I’m going to come to owning a vintage camper right now so I snapped it up!  It’s now sitting atop my 1940 Firestone Air Chief Intercepter radio.

Camper lampAnd I’ve been searching for the perfect centerpiece for our table since we bought it about six months ago.  I found this bowl today, and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!  Not sure what I’m going to fill it with yet, but at least I have the bowl!

Bowl side

Bowl topI collect Longaberger baskets and I found an awesome 1985 basket for $10 on eBay (it’s the one on the bottom with the cute little liner in the photo below).  It’s now sitting on the floor next to my 1950s train case and beneath my table holding two antique radios.

BasketsFinally, this past Tuesday, I bought myself this Fuji digital camera.  It’ll be delivered tomorrow and I have a date at Conner Prairie on Saturday to try it out.  I’ve always wanted a more professional camera than just my cruddy point-and-shoots or my iPhone camera, so I’m really looking forward to figuring out how to use this thing.  Better pictures to come on this blog, I promise!

Fuji cameraAnd finally, the planning for the future:

As I’ve made it clear numerous times on this blog, we want to move to the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Seattle area. But what I haven’t talked about much is what we want to live in once we get there.

Tim and I have designed a shipping container home.  It involves four steel shipping containers (readily available in the Seattle area) and extensive remodeling.  Because we’re planning it out, and because I’m a dreamer, I love wandering through home improvement stores envisioning what I want inside my home.   And because the kitchen is the center of the home, I spend most of my time wandering around their kitchen displays.  Yesterday we were in Lowe’s and I fell in love with a few things.

First, this farmhouse-style apron sink.

Sink 2

Sink 1

Isn’t. it. gorgeous???

And the I stumbled into a different kitchen area and found this brick/stone backsplash.  I am in love.  It SHALL BE MINE!!!!


Well, I’m wrapping up this blog post after a night out watching fireworks with new friends.

4th of July, Carmel, INHope everyone had a great 4th of July!

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