My ever-growing collection

I just added a seventh antique radio to my collection!

It’s a 1940 Philco Model 40-140T.  I got it for a steal on eBay, considering it’s in really great condition!

1940 Philco 40-140TIt’s got 3 bands – AM, police, and shortwave.

1940 Philco - bandsI moved things around and placed it atop my 1933 Philco Lowboy and next to my Fibber McGee & Molly board game, which is also from 1940.

1940 Philco, 1933 Philco, 1940 FM&M gameI’m now officially out of room.  Since I’m not going to stop buying radios (clearly!), it’s time to get in some different shelving.  After all, I still need a Cathedral-style radio.  It’s the one style I don’t have yet, and also the most expensive to buy.  I shall find the right one, though.  I love my antique radio collection!

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