Precious Moments Cross Stitch Giveaway

I don’t cross stitch anymore due to carpal tunnel and other interests.  As a result, I’m giving things away!

What I’m giving away:

6 Precious Moments cross stitch pattern books – 4 books with multiple patterns and two single-pattern books.CollageImage21 already-stitched Precious Moments figures and 1 that’s nearly finished (Note:  I did not stitch these.  They were given to me.)

photo_3 photo_5 2How to win:

Simply leave a comment and I’ll enter you in the giveaway!  Entries will be open until Saturday, June 8th.  After that, I’ll randomly select a winner and will ship the items to your address!

Good Luck!

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5 thoughts on “Precious Moments Cross Stitch Giveaway

  1. Very nice collection of Precious Moments. I would love to receive the unfinished one. I too have carpal tunnel but still enjoy stitching, sewing and painting. Thanks for sharing. Farm Friend, Denise Duncan

  2. I love the precious moments and never did cross stitch these. My Mom did and I never was the recipient of them because My boys did not want them, But I now have a granddaughter that would love them. Please enter me in the giveaway, Thanks, Juanita Massey

  3. I may be too late, but if not, please enter me. I would like to use the cross stitch pieces to make a quilt for my great niece. Her daddy (my nephew) lost custody of her and I really want her to know that she has a loving family out here just waiting for to get old enough to come back to us.



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