Back to Seattle!

I catch a 6am flight to Seattle (via Phoenix) on Monday morning.  This will be my third trip to Seattle since January.  And then I fly out again to go BACK on June 2nd.  For years now, I’ve dreamt of going to Seattle.  The Pacific Northwest has always called to me but I was far too broke to make it out there.  Now, thanks to a certain giant online retailer that I happen to work for, I have had multiple trips to this amazing city this year.  My stomach is already rumbling, open and ready for the copious amounts of seafood that I will shove into it during my four night stay.

I love Seattle. I’m one of those weirdos that loves rainy days.  You can keep your bright blue skies because I want clouds, the rumble of thunder, and the feel of raindrops on my skin.  My first trip to Seattle in January was a huge disappointment because all I got in five days there was a bunch of fog.  When I went back in April, Mother Nature had pity on me and let it rain almost every day.  While everyone at the corporate office apologized for the weather, I was giddy!  Seattle rain, FINALLY.  One morning, I rolled out of bed, peered out my 9th floor window, and did a happy dance that it was already raining.  So then what did I do?  I shoved my iPhone against the window and took a short video of the dreary Seattle morning and quiet city streets.  

I want to live in that area of the US.  I’m hoping to transfer there in 2014 and Hubby is all for moving, even though he hasn’t had the pleasure of visiting the city yet.  My last two trips were less “touristy” than I would have liked because I dined with co-workers each evening and was never alone.  This time, I don’t know anyone else that’s coming for the training and I’ll be able to strike out on my own, which I love.  I’m also staying in a different hotel this time than the last two times I was there so I will get to explore a different area of the city. I’m determined to take the Seattle Underground tour this time, too!

Anyway, other than the time we take to go see the new Star Trek flick this weekend, I need to organize and pack.  I always feel guilty leaving Hubby and the dog alone but they’re two peas in a pod and they get along just fine, which makes me have a better time on my trip because I know they’re taking care of each other! Anyway, I’ll probably be posting from Seattle next week.  I have every intention of getting some writing done while I’m there, too.  Fingers crossed that it actually happens!

Aren’t the Cascades gorgeous?









A pretty January Seattle sunset (I handled the lack of clouds because it was so gorgeous!)











I love Pike Place Market!


IMG_0434 IMG_0432


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