New address for this blog!

I’ve got a new address!  Now, when you go to, it will redirect you here to

So you might be asking yourself, “What the heck is 14th and Oak?”

I chose this domain in honor of my beloved Fibber McGee & Molly.  Anyone who is a fan of the show knows that anytime anything ever happened in the lovely little town of Wistful Vista, it happened at 14th and Oak. Bank robbery?  At 14th and Oak. Fibber’s car stolen?  He last parked it at 14th and Oak.  Fibber’s hand caught in a mailbox?  It was the one at 14th and Oak.  Molly headed to the Bon-Ton Department store to check out the new fur coats?  She did that at 14th and Oak. Fibber craving ice cream from the soda counter at Kramer’s Drugs?  That was located at 14th and Oak.

Free domains associated with Fibber McGee & Molly are hard to come by.  I was very happy when I stumbled upon this one.  So in honor of my favorite show from the golden age of radio and the two stars, Jim and Marian Jordan (who feel like family to me because of the hours I have spent listening and laughing at their antics) my blog, too, is now located at 14 and Oak!



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