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Fanfiction and creamed dried beef

  • So I used to be a rather prolific fanfiction writer in the Puckleberry corner of the Glee fandom, and then I quit cold turkey and stopped watching the show.  Thanks to stupid Tumblr, some gifs popped up on my dash that threw my former Puckleberry-beating heart into a tailspin.  As a result, THIS happened….  Not exactly happy to be writing fanfic again but I’m VERY happy to actually have written something for once.  If it weren’t for the ongoing round-robin that I write with my dear friend, Lisa, I wouldn’t be writing squat these days!
  • I’m making and documenting my first WWII-era recipe this weekend to post on the website I’m working on!  What will my first dish be?  Creamed Dried Beef on Baked Potatoes.  My husband thinks it sounds disgusting but I think it sounds great, and I even get to use the Pet Milk I bought!  Anyway, going to spend some of my weekend on that site, so stay tuned!

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