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Birthday morning ramble

My eyelids are so droopy!  It’s 2:08am on November 12th, which also happens to be my 34th birthday.  I’m forcing myself to stay awake until at least 3am because, starting tomorrow…err…later today, I begin my new work schedule (5p-2a.)  So… yeah… getting used to a new schedule, plus we just moved last weekend, plus I’m also super-sick with a deep chest cold that has left me hacking and gagging and wheezing means that life is still in upheaval.  I love our new place and, four weeks into my new job, I’m enjoying it, too.  But things need to settle down so that I can feel like ME again!

2 thoughts on “Birthday morning ramble

  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you are still sleeping soundly:-) Blackout curtains(if you have windows in your bedroom) help a lot when you have to sleep in partial daylight hours. My hubby worked 3rd shift for a few years, it really helped his sleep much better.

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m still feelin’ my way through this whole “sleeping during the day” thing… It’s kind of annoying right now!!!

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