Nostalgia and whimsy and…. travel trailers?

Superman had Kryptonite; I have nostalgia and whimsy to bring me to my knees.  And it strikes in the oddest of ways.  I can’t predict when I’m going to be caught in the headwinds of fanciful dreaming – it just happens and sometimes it lasts for days on end.  I woke up this morning feeling moody and exhausted, but once I got to work, I settled into my new, much more private and quiet office (which I just moved into on Monday), popped in my earbuds, turned on my iPod, and called up the playlist of some old friends.  Okay, so I don’t actually know Jim and Marian Jordan, who played Fibber McGee and Molly on a radio show of the same name from the 30s-50s, but I feel like I know them.  Honestly, I’ve been listening to the 800+ episodes I have for so many years now that their voices are comforting to me.  When I can’t sleep at night, I listen to a few of their shows and they lull me to sleep.  When I’m stressed to my very limits, their voices help ease me into a quiet calmness.  They make me nostalgic for a time I never lived through and for things that I couldn’t possibly experience during my lifetime.

Today was one such day where, after listening to Fibber and Molly for most of the day (in between an endless stream of needy employees parading in and out of my office), that sentimental feeling stuck with me.  I came home, fixed supper, and then Tim and I got Roxie ready for her walk.  We went down my favorite little stretch of road in our neighborhood.  Lined with trees and horse pastures, it reminds me of the solitude that my country-girl soul misses since we live within the city limits.  I began telling Tim about my hopes to someday own and restore a vintage travel trailer to use as a writing office. I want to plop it right in the middle of a field, maybe near a big old oak tree. We actually owned one a few years ago but it was just too far damaged to be restored without costing us an arm and a leg, so we sold her (a 1971 New Paris Traveler that I named Gracie) to someone who could restore her.  Even though Gracie is gone, my dream for a travel trailer isn’t gone.  I can practically hear the plunking of the raindrops on the metal roof as I sit inside, sipping on tea and tapping away at my laptop.  This strong desire to get a travel trailer right this very nanosecond led me to, where the classifieds, filled with pages and pages of adorable travel trailers for sale, invoke such strong stabs of whimsy and longing inside me that it almost hurts.  I mean, here are just a few samples from what is currently for sale on that site.


Anyway, as my Friday night wanes into a 3-day holiday weekend that’s supposed to be filled with rain and relaxation, I hope these gushy, dreamy-eyed notions continue.  They usually lead to creativity and a feeling of lightheartedness – both of which I need right now.


5 thoughts on “Nostalgia and whimsy and…. travel trailers?

  1. Just tumbled into this world of nostalgia myself this summer! Purchased a 1968 Fan camper dirt cheap (upgrading from an old pop up) and then discovered this whole world of vintage restoration. Hang in there, dreams can come true!

    • Oh my goodness, how awesome for you!!! I saw a 60s Fan camper last night when I was searching for vintage campers. Do you love it? I’m going to get one again someday. The problem was the the New Paris Traveler we bought was just SO far damaged that we would have had to gut it and start over, plus the roof was in bad shape. I wish we could’ve restored it, though, but it was 15″ and I want something smaller! Are you restoring your Fan camper now or was it already restored?

    • We lucked out and ours is in really decent condition. Some minor repairs and of course the interior needs to be redecorated. It has the original turquoise appliances!! I think I have pictures on my blog, if not I guess I will have to fix that! We were supposed to take it out for the first time last night but my daughter got sick:-(

    • 😦 I hope your daughter is better soon! I couldn’t find the pics on your blog (I might have missed them) but I’d love to see them and I hope you get to take it out soon! I decided this morning that I want a 1957 Airstream Bubble. *sigh* Must keep dreaming!!!

    • My daughter is much better! I think I must have posted the pictures on my FB page, not on the blog. I will try to blog about it soon. I am getting ready to order fabric to re-do the curtains so we can get some progress pictures.
      I love any Airstream. Too bad they are so stinkin’ expensive :-/ I am just happy not to have sleep outside on the ground, at least! 😀

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