A new gal to get to know…

So I invented a new character last night.  She came out of nowhere, she’s incredibly messed up, and I love her to pieces already.  I’m trying to figure out who she physically looks like at the moment.  I like to pick out celebrities to physically model my characters after because it makes them come to life for me.  This girl is hard to figure out so far, though.  Not sure who she looks like!  Funny, the male characters are easy…. they all end up either looking like Jensen Ackles or Mark Salling.  (Mainly Jensen these days because holy crap do I love that man.)  I’m sure her physical characteristics will materialize for me soon.  I love new characters.  YAY!  Of course, this is derailing my other writing plans but as long as I jot down all the notes I can about her, she’ll be ready for me to write when I’m ready to write her.  At least my brain is wanting to write right now.  Progress!!!


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