My writing process of late: a big WTF

Struggle for days to get anything written. Start and stop. Start. Stop. Swear. Storm away from netbook in a rage.

Try again later.  No dice.

Get to work the next day. Become greatly inspired while handling mundane tasks. Brain swims in ideas all morning. Write three pages of witty banter, foreplay, and smut during lunch hour.

Not sure what that says about me. Either I’m inspired at really odd times or I find great joy in writing sex scenes? *shrugs*


One thought on “My writing process of late: a big WTF

  1. I understand how you feel. I set a goal of waking up early so I can write and work before my son wakes up, or if I have to work at a school. It is a difficult goal. When I’m in the chair, I think my best stuff in the mornings, and I drift into space if I’m somewhere else.

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